Recording different Freeview channels onto VCR

  whatnickname 23:52 30 Nov 2006

Hi, this is my first post so wish me luck :-).

Simple question.... how do you record DIFFERENT channels at different times i.e. Channel 1 at 7pm on a Monday, Channel 2 at 9pm on a Tuesday and so on.

Until now I have had Sky and both my VCR and DVD recorder beamed a signal to the Sky Box just as the remote would.

Am I stuck with a system that only records the actual channel that Freeview is on???

Thanks in advance.

  Kate B 00:27 01 Dec 2006

Just a thought, but have you read the manual for your Freeview box and VCR?

  dagbladet 00:29 01 Dec 2006

Difficult to answer my friend as I don't know what system you are using. Which Freeview box? how many tuners, etc

  whatnickname 09:03 01 Dec 2006

Hi. The Freeview box is integrated into a new Philips TV. I have connected the incoming aerial signal to the Panasonic VCR then as per usual taken the signal upto the TV via another TV co-ax cable. There is also a scart cable connected. This works ok when the TV is on but not when it is on standby, and as I said, only records the current TV channel. I have read the manuals but they don't cover channel changing. The fact that you haven't said YES to my question implies (I hope) that the VCR SHOULD change the Freeview channels. Is that your experience? Thanks Steve.

  Kate A 11:07 01 Dec 2006

I'd be surprised if the VCR could change the Freeview channels for you. I don't know for sure though, because I have a separate Freeview box and use a DVD recorder. Basically if I want to record different FV channels in one evening, I have to manually change the channels between recordings.

Oh, and be careful about setting 'reminders' to change the channel, I did this once, forgot about it, and managed to record the whole of Prime Suspect with a big box in the middle of the screen saying "A programme you have set a reminder for has now started"...


  dagbladet 16:35 01 Dec 2006


Click on the link below and go down to para 3. Note the diagram below the paragraph. If you still need help after plaese come back.

click here

  whatnickname 17:36 01 Dec 2006

Hi and thanks for all the advice.

I'm still not sure if I am chasing something that IS or IS NOT available.

Kate A says she has to be there to record DIFFERENT channels .... so the question is..... can I record different channels without being there?

If the answer is YES then I shall start changing settings etc but at the moment everything is fine IF I only want the one channel recorded ... again and again. I don't want that ... I want different channels on different days without me being there.

Rgds Steve

  postie24 18:59 01 Dec 2006

Hi there,some vcr,s used to come with the abilty of changing the sky channels over automatically.Some used to come with a sensor on top of the vcr and you had to place the sky box on top to make the channel change.Other vcr,s came with a sky controller which plugged in the back of vcr and changed the sky channel over.If your vcr doesnt have that facilty you cant record two different channels while your away

  oresome 19:55 01 Dec 2006


From what you say, I understand that you record Freeview using the line in input from the TV via the scart lead.

This only works when the TV is switched on and will be the channel the TV is switched to at the time.

So yes, you're stuck with recording the channel the TV is set to and you can't make unattended recordings, assuming you don't want to leave the TV on.

Chocolate fireguards spring to mind.

  whatnickname 21:09 01 Dec 2006

Thanks guys my VCR does have that facility but only for SKY so.... it's back to SKY again (we rarely watch programmes live ... we record and then watch them when WE want to).

Cheers Steve

  fitshase 22:50 03 Dec 2006

OK, here's probably what you are looking for. I have a Sony TV with built in digital tuner (freeview). Now, in order to have the VCR tape a different freeview channel you need to set a timer on the TV (there will be some settings there). What this does is changes the channel for the freeview signal to your VCR. All you need to do on the VCR is set the time (and the channel which freeview is on - usually AV as it is connected via SCART).

What is the model of the Philips TV?

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