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  wobbly76 15:06 07 Dec 2005

I wonder if someone can help,I have a 17" wide screen TV, DVD recorder/player and using ntl cable digital tv service.
At the moment when I record, using video plus numbers the result is via the analoge aerial,which is not very good, when I am watching tv I switch to AV2 and get the digital reception which is very good,these are only BBC1-2, ITV & ch.4; channel 5 is dreadful.
If I use the One Touch Recording option I can set the tv as if I were going to watch and then set the time to turn off, having set it to AV2 I can then turn off tv and the result will be a digital recording.
After all that, can I get the digital recording with video-plus?
Have I made sense.

  DieSse 16:48 07 Dec 2005

How many outputs does the ntl box have?

Assuming it's two - wire (via scarts) one to the tv, the other to the DVD.

What's the video-plus that you've got - how does it work and on which device?

  wobbly76 17:55 07 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply, yes, there are two scarts on the tv, two on the STB and two on the recorder, the two on the box is one to tv av2 and the other to recorder av2, av1 on tv is connected to av1 on recorder.
Video-plus is input via the remote with it's video-plus button and using numeric pad.

Hope that's enough info.

Cheers w76

  DieSse 19:47 07 Dec 2005

I'm sorry but I'm not used to video-plus - how is it actually set up - do you need to put in an actual channel number?

Do the instructions not say what to do if you want to use an AV input?

It may be you should connect the STB to AV1 - there could be a select on this that forces the recorder to it's AV input when AV1 is in use (but not on the AV2 input).

If it was a VCR you would normally wire it (like mine is)

STB AV1 scart VCR AV1

VCR AV1 scart to TV AV1

There is no need for another Scart - the STB passes through the VCR (which should be left always with AV1 selected). When you play a tape the tape then replaces the STB picture on the TV. (for VCR read DVD).

Your TV setting should be playing no part in the recording process - it has no fuction for this, anyway.

  DieSse 19:48 07 Dec 2005

should read

VCR AV2 scart to TV AV1 - sorry mixamefingers.

  wobbly76 20:27 07 Dec 2005

I didn't realize you were not familiar with video-plus, it's a code that will consist of two to eight numbers, each programme has it's own code which contains channel number, start time and stop time, these are published in newspapers ect.
I think my problem is that the recorder goes to the analogue signal by default but I am not knowledgeable enough to rectify it.


  DieSse 21:50 07 Dec 2005

It's the channel number that's the problem. You need to find out how to input the code, but with the AV input specified - or connect it up so that the AV input select via the scart overrides and channel changes.

For the first you need to look at the video-plus instructions to see if there is any way of doing so.

For the second, it depends entirely on the equipment specifications. If there is a scart input select signal supplied by the STB (which I don't know) AND if either of the scart inputs on the DVDR reacts to it (which I don't know) - then it would ignore anything that the video plus tells it wrt channel numbers. That's why I suggested you try AV1 on the DVDR - in case AV1 uses the select signal, and AV2 doesn't.

It may also be that you are using non-fully wired scart cables (though I thought even the cut-down cables also used input select, I may be wrong.

  DieSse 22:01 07 Dec 2005

Scart wiring click here

see pin 8 High signal = AV mode .... Low signal = TV mode.

This means that (on equipment that supplies and reacts to the signal correctly), the equipment will be forced into AV mode, irrespective of channel selection.

  wobbly76 10:49 08 Dec 2005

I think you are right about the channel numbers, because having entered the video+ code we then get a line appear with all the information that is needed to record that programme, thus, if all the channels are tuned in via the analoge aerial it will go to that one, the recorder instructions read " This unit is not designed to switch on or change channels for a satellite receiver or Cable tv box ".
I think I must now look at the possibility of retuning the tv to cable channels.
As I said, it doesn't have to be too technical for me.

  DieSse 11:41 08 Dec 2005

Can you tell me what devuces the video plus is supposed to control? Or give a web reference to the product so that I can read more about it pls.

I don't think you need to control the STB - it's getting the control of te DVDR right that's needed (I think!)

  wobbly76 12:03 08 Dec 2005

Try this site

click here

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