Recorded Programs on DVD Keep "Freezing"

  onokeck 20:33 07 Mar 2006

I have a Matsui DVD Recorder/Player. It plays DVD movies, etc with no problem. However, when I record a program from TV I invariably have problems with "frame freeze." Sometimes this "freeze" is only for a couple of seconds; at other times it lasts anywhere from 10-30 seconds. I am using good quality, new DVD-RW discs as required by the manual. Can anyone explain why this might be happening? The machine is not very old and hasn't been used that much. I can always watch the entire program, but the "freezes" are distracting and very annoying. Thanks for any replies. Casey

  cycoze 21:13 07 Mar 2006

casey you say your using good quality discs but have you tried another brand ? i find some brands freeze like this on playback yet others run smoothly.

  amonra 15:30 08 Mar 2006

Are you recording off analogue TV channels or Digital? Digital channels often "freeze" for short oeriods.

  ashdav 23:47 09 Mar 2006

probably caused by the fact that you are using RW discs.
The "depth" that these can be burnt to is very subjective and is not always recognised by all players.This will cause pauses whilst the player tries to reread the data
Suggest you use DVDR discs.They're cheap enough these days.

  BigPockets 12:38 10 Mar 2006

It sounds like a problem with compatibility of the disc your using Casey. What brand of disc are they? Personally I'd recommend Verbatim as they seem to be more robust.

  GuyR 19:26 11 Mar 2006

Interesting problem, I have had the dvd player/ laser unit changed on my LG dvd recorder as it was failing to recognise discs. One of the problems with digital [as I understand it}is that the signal value/measurements are 0 or 1.

Analogue has a range of values, so can handle drops in signal / quality etc. As for media type the engineer tried the "you must use specified brands etc" but there are no brands specified in the manual.

When speaking with other people, I find that some of the cheaper equipment out there gives the more reliable players e.g. no problems with any media, multi region DVD etc

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