Reconditioned Iphone 5 versus New Moto 3rd Gen

  Cara2 09:51 03 Dec 2015

Potentially, which would be a better buy?

The (pre-owned) IPhone is £220 and has a years warranty and the Moto is around £95.

If it makes a difference, the person does have a mini Ipad 2.

Need to make a decision so any views appreciated!

  Forum Editor 15:05 03 Dec 2015

I would buy the Moto. It is one of the best value phones on the market and punches well above its weight in terms of its design and performance.

At that price it represents excellent value for money, unless there is some specific reason for owning an iPhone.

Owning an iPad isn't relevant as far as the phone choice goes.

  Cara2 15:36 03 Dec 2015

Thanks for both pieces of advice which really help :) It will be a present for my son.

The relevance of owning an IPad, is that I kind of think the apps, contacts, etc will sync better? (Although in my case, between my IPhone, PC and IPad - I don't seem to manage syncing very well, as I get repeated entries of allsorts of addresses and appointments - never quite figured out why it does this ... must ask here sometime).

However, the Moto does get very good reviews and the IPhone is not even the 5s, but the 5 model. So now erring on the side of the Moto.

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