Receiving a 60440 text msg will cost you money !!!

  toubab 17:12 05 Feb 2010

A warning for all Mobile users in the UK - this scam DOES cost you money, even though you have done nothing to encourage or invited this text message:

Due to technical problems your purchase of 10/2009 has not been charged.
You are now being billed 4GBP.
Apologies for the delay.Help?02032863990.
Nextcard Ltd.

Caller ID: 60440

Caller: nextcard Ltd

I received exactly the same message on the 28th January … and, as one does with spam e-mails … ignored it and decided to look up the sender when I had the time. Today I looked it up on the Internet and found many hundreds of similar postings about this message and genuine alarm that the receiver actually does get charged £4 on their next bills from their phone provider or, if they are Pay as You Go subscribers, £4 instantly gets deducted from their credit.

One such forum where you can read as much as you like about it is here:

click here

I immediately checked my Vodafone account online to see that I had indeed been charged for receiving this text and this charge would show up on my next statement from them. So I telephoned Vodafone and have been refunded £5 as compensation for something which was totally outside my control.

This is a terrible scam … and should be widely publicised and the authorities spurred into action to track down where these payments are ending up and arrest the perpetrators. To know that thieves can text your mobile phone without invitation and immediately extract money from your account is really frightening !!

Many account customers across all the UK phone networks will have deleted the message and not even notice that they have been charged £4 for it, when their next phone bill comes in.

All the UK mobile phone suppliers know about this scam from the amount of complaints from people who have bothered to look into where these texts came from, but no one seems to be doing anything about it. Some, not all of these suppliers are giving refunds … but only when they have been asked for, or in some cases, necessarily demanded by their irate but innocent subscribers !!

Vodafone deserve credit for offering a refund without quibbling.

  Forum Editor 01:34 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for posting the details.

Anyone who receives this text should immediately report it to Ofcom:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Contact number: 0300 123 3333

Do not report it to PhonePay Plus, as advised on some websites - PhonePay Plus does not regulate the number given in the text.

Do not call the number.

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