R4DS for Nintendo DS Lite

  The Brigadier 17:46 31 Jul 2007

It's been suggested my a friend that i get a R4DS card for my Nintendo DS Lite.
What benefits would i have by getting one?

  ICF 22:24 31 Jul 2007

They are for using what they call homebrew software ie not commercial software.Also some not to be talked about ie illegal things.

  The Brigadier 11:23 01 Aug 2007

Whats 'homebrew' software?

  ICF 19:44 02 Aug 2007
  ianbarber 16:43 26 Jan 2008

One of the best microsd memory cards we have used for the Nintendo R4DS came from BargainMemoryCards.co.uk. The make is Sandisk and the performance was amazing.

They deliver very fast and the after sales service is outstanding which is haed to find these days.

There webpage is click here

  lisa02 18:13 26 Jan 2008

It's basically for playing copied games. You can use it for playing mp3s and videos too. The amount you can load on it is determined by what size os micro sd card you buy.

I ain't telling you to get one or where but basically people copy the ROMs (game cartridges) and this thing allows them to be played on the DS.

What's the benefit? Well free, illegal, games.

  lisa02 18:15 26 Jan 2008

I've just realised this thread was posted back in July and ianbarber revived it to advertise memory cards.


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