"no service area"

  sunnystaines 20:24 17 Apr 2013

changing home address rang "3"who said new post code has good strenght phone and internet yet all i get is this error phone will not take to make calls no internet.

still in contract wondering whats best option. I was thinking of getting phone unlocked and putting another provider sim card in while at the new address, would the new sim be a different phone number apparently people are saying "ee" and "o2" both work well in the area.

  Woolwell 12:56 19 Apr 2013

Go back to 3 and see if you can cancel the contract as they are unable to provide a service.

  sunnystaines 19:06 19 Apr 2013

woolwell three re saying its a broken mast and are working onit so looking good.

  Woolwell 19:53 19 Apr 2013

Could be good news.

  sunnystaines 15:07 04 May 2013

no good news three have made a business decision to to maintain their masts in this area [hampshire] due to not enough customers in the area. been offered a booster box but will only work 30 meters sq area at home no good in the local area.

Still in contract, but looks like going to be left with a lemon. got to wait till i actually move before they will discuss the matter any further.

not sure where i stand now three had originally told me its a strong signal for the post code, then a broken mast, now its abandoned the area.

  Woolwell 15:09 04 May 2013

The service they are providing is not fit for purpose and you could have good grounds for ending without penalty.

  sunnystaines 10:55 05 May 2013

links open blank white page

  Woolwell 14:27 05 May 2013

sunnystaines - ignore any links with storingbooks in them as they are posted by a regular spammer.

  sunnystaines 09:08 07 May 2013

"3" can they be trusted.

when i rang them with a future post code for coverage told good signal, good internet, when i went there got nothing, told broken mast, afew weeks later on next visit told it will not be fixed as there is not enought "3" customers in that area, went into the "3" store for advice they escalated a complaint. "3" now saying they have never had any coverage in that area.

the staff in my local store are helpful, but cannot get anywhere with the hapless indian call centre does anyone have a uk email or phone number of senior management I can contact please.

  Woolwell 10:56 07 May 2013

3 is Hutchinson 3G and their address is Star House, 20 Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1EH

You can try ringing 01628 765000. Suggest that you ask for the name/tile of the customer services manager and write or email to that person.

  sunnystaines 17:13 07 May 2013



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