"Insufficient Memory" - Samsung GT-S3353

  sydsnott 12:58 11 Dec 2013

My cousin has the above phone and finds it is almost impossible to browse the internet with it. every time she attemts to access the net, she gets this message...she thinks it is do do with the fact that she only has a 2GB SD card in place, but my suspicion is that the message refers to the system's internal memory. Can anyone clarify, and is this phone really "man" enough to use to access the internet?

  sydsnott 16:22 12 Dec 2013

Thanks David, I've no idea how hert phone is set up, from what you say, it sounds as if you suspect that it is her external memory that's being reffered to.

That surprises me as I wasn't aware that the SD card space was used for anything apart from storage! Have to admit, I'm a bit hopeless with phones, my S3 sometimes confounds me but then, it don't take much to do that. lol

I'll pass on your wisdom!

Hope you're well and fit for the rigours of the comming silly season!

  sydsnott 16:28 12 Dec 2013

Sorry 'bout the typos, there is no "edit" feature and I'm a bit of a one eyed jack at the mo. as I've had one cateract done and the other's sceduled for early Jan!

Be nice to have binocular vision again!

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