questions re use of galaxy3

  sunnystaines 10:50 28 Aug 2012

1] the phone suddenly makes calls all on its own for no reason, seems this is called direct call but cannot workout how to turn this function off.

2] when i look at web pages, then press the home button or sleep button at the side does this close those web pages, as they often appear at a later time for no reason. the phone is on unlimited data use so not worried there but stuff running in the background will hasten battery use.

3] if in an area with no signal will it recieve calls by auto divert to another network.

  Woolwell 19:13 28 Aug 2012

Based on the original Galaxy

  1. Don't know

  2. No - it usually leaves the browser open. This is why I have an app (bult in) called Task Manager or Active Applications on one of the home screens so that I can immediately see what apps are running and can close them from there.

  3. No signal = no signal. No calls nothing. If you mean in an area where your mobile operator doesn't provide coverage then it may roam to another operator but may only permit emergency calls.

  sunnystaines 19:28 28 Aug 2012


thank you for the reply

do you gert problem number 1?

I have found application manager- programs running, but does not list web pages just apps many of which i have no idea what they do.

going to a few places where there is no "3" coverage, was thinking of getting an o2 paygo sim to cover these areas. cant understand why away from the SE "3" coverage is not so good.

whats the best way to unlock a phone, the indian market traders offering this seem a bit shifty.

  Woolwell 19:43 28 Aug 2012

I don't get problem 1.

Not application manager which you may have found under settings but look instead for an app called Task Manager which when opened lists active applications (ones open and in use). This will not list web pages but will allow you to see if the browser is still open and using resources. You can force close it from that app.

Don't use 3 so cannot comment on coverage.

  Woolwell 19:47 28 Aug 2012

Found this: The Galaxy S3 has a number of features which are activated by motion. Direct Call will automatically call a contact if their log, contact, or message details are on the screen and you move the handset to your ear. Direct Call can be switched on and off in the Motion section of the settings menu.

  sunnystaines 07:11 29 Aug 2012



just turned off motion in settings, only had the tick at top of the screen.

have no task manager app or widget, will have to look for a reommended free app to download.

  sunnystaines 12:31 29 Aug 2012

woolwell found task manager on my galaxy it was hidden. to access it press and hold down the home button after a while task manager opens and displays all the open webs etc with an option to close. found i had a youtube still running from a few days ago plus loads of web pages. my battery should last better now.

  sunnystaines 06:44 02 Sep 2012

since i have found and started using task manager getting 3 times the battery life.

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