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Quality budget smartphone under £200 needed

  Ryan Hamilton 19:29 11 Nov 2019

Good evening everyone! I’m looking for some advice. I’m looking at getting a smartphone for my mum as she is currently using a flip phone! She isn’t looking to play PUBG etc all she needs is YouTube, WhatsApp, Netflix, Spotify and a good enough camera (I’m not expecting impeccable, just good enough!)

We have a budget of £200 as it’s pointless spending loads, she will be using it mainly on WiFi and just making the odd call away from home hence nothing major. Would like a 3.5mm jack as she likes to listen to music on holiday.

I’ve seen a few of the cubot devices that seem good value (x19, power, x20 pro) a few Xiaomi ones as well (note 7, note 8 pro) and some of the Motorola ones, But I’m getting a bit lost. What is the best bang for buck under £200? I’m open to any suggestions, and from most places (never tried gearbest but some good value items it seems).

Thanks all for any help! Ryan

  wee eddie 23:21 11 Nov 2019

Ryan, does your Mum really want these things (Netflix etc) or, do you think that she should want them.

If all she really wants is a phone that can text, then her flip phone will be adequate and you can give her a case of Gin. Much more useful

  Ryan Hamilton 07:38 12 Nov 2019

Hahaha! Thanks for that! She does want these, she has an iPad at the minute, but it is about 8 years old and very slow, also unpractical to take on holiday for music. I may just buy the gin for myself.

  john bunyan 08:17 12 Nov 2019

You can get a variety of refurbished good smartphones, such as a iPhone 6s and the equivalent android for under £200. To avoid issues I would avoid eBay and Gumtree and look at Game and Amazon or GiffGaff who mostly offer a 1 year guarantee

  Ryan Hamilton 12:41 12 Nov 2019

Unfortunately I tried the refurb route with an iPhone 7 for my MIL and when she used it the battery was awful, would drop from 60% to 1% etc hence me wanting a cheap new phone to avoid any issues.

  john bunyan 13:24 12 Nov 2019

Ok but you can get a new battery for around £30 and the outlets I mentioned give a 1 year guarantee. Your choice, obviously.

  AroundAgain 13:20 22 Nov 2019

I have the Huawei PSmart 2019 which cost just under £200 and it's been great. I don't like paying for 'the name' so went for this one.

I'm assuming you are looking for Sim-free phone rather than contract? Sim-free works out cheaper, assuming you have a decent deal for your sim, overall. Check the prices of these phones, for instance, or Google search

- -

  chub_tor 16:26 22 Nov 2019

Look at the specs for the Samsung Galaxy A 10, on sale for £120 on Amazon. Bought mine about 4 months ago, very long battery life.

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