putting several dvd's onto one for convenience

  [DELETED] 01:20 29 Apr 2006


I have about 10 dvd's all recorded on a home dvd recorder, these include camcorder and cctv footage. Some discs only have a few minuts on them. I want to store them on as little discs as possible. I would like to retain their quality as much as possible so if i need to make dvd's out of them again in the future, i can.
Most are vob files but some others are VRO and something else, i think this is because some were'nt finalised.
I have tried converting them to mpeg format but seem to be having problems and also loosing too much quality of picture.

I have nero 7 which i paid for but i cant see a way of using it for this purpose.

My desired end result would be to have them all on 1 or 2 dvd's as data.

Hope ive explained this well enough and thanks for any help on the best way to do this.
p.s. i also have the womble mpeg-vcr trial software

  Diemmess 10:50 29 Apr 2006

<My desired end result would be to have them all on 1 or 2 dvd's as data>

This is of archive concern to you?

So for the present and in order to preserve the original files, why not copy each item to the subfolder of a new folder on your HD.

Then when all are copied to your HD you can burn as many or few (new) DVDs as you need to sort and preserve your precious collection.

They will need your PC to run the individual files when you wish.
Editing and attaching one video part to another is a different matter.
At least you will have all your basic clips undamaged on fewer and perhaps better sorted DVDs.
The copied folders/files can then be deleted from the HD.

  [DELETED] 13:41 29 Apr 2006

"This is of archive concern to you?"
Thankyou for the reply, this isnt for me but for someone else. I want to send the dvd's in one back to the owner without having to give them 10 discs back, also only keeping them on a hard drive isnt as safe as i would like them to be.

What's the best format?

  [DELETED] 16:43 29 Apr 2006

copy all the files to your hard drive into seperate folders so you know which is which then in nero7 create a data dvd,by adding the files.Dependent on how many files you have depends on how many dvds you will need.
The data is then backed up in its original format ready for when and if you wish to convert them.
sorry if i havent understood your post but this seems an easy way to do it

  Diemmess 17:42 29 Apr 2006

Maybe we're at crosspurposes?
The use of the HD is only a temporary stage in cataloguing, sorting and grouping the data from many DVDs.

You probably have only one DVD-reader/writer so it is necessary to have an independant and (safe) holding point. That's why I said you can delete all this (on the HD) later.

  [DELETED] 20:22 29 Apr 2006


i wanted to know how i can compress them so i can put them all together. Sorry if im not making it clear. For example, one has 2 vob files, 600 mg and 200 mg, how can i convert/compress them to maybe half or more than their original size, i assume it would be mpeg, i dont want to loose too much quality.
I tried backup on nero7 but the end result was a file the same size,


  [DELETED] 22:03 29 Apr 2006

What about using winzip or winrar?
conversion to other formats will always lead to loss of quality but divx is a good compressed format.
Have you tried winaviconverter?converts all sorts of different formats,avi to wmv,vob to wmv,mpeg to wmv,vob to avi,avi to vcd,avi to dvd etc the list is quite long,give it a go.

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