PSP wireless connection

  Leslie-212488 21:21 04 Sep 2005

has anyone been able to connect the Sony PSP to their network, wirelessly, as yet.
mobo specs; AMD 2600, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD. win xp. netgear WGR614 V4.2 router.
i already have a laptop connected to my main PC wirelessly. i have copied allthe settings to the PSP, SSID, WEP key,set the PSP to automatically detect the network setting. but when i test the connection it comes up with an internal error,
80410D09. i did check on the router for attached devices, but could not see the PSP device at all.
Is the PSP set up compatable with the router? Or am i missing something

  Technotiger 21:27 04 Sep 2005

Hi, you will probably get better response if you Post this one in the Network Forum, also more
specialised help.


  powerless 21:27 04 Sep 2005

Yup, mine connects via router with ease!

Your best bet is turn of WEP on the router and go back to basics.

What firmware is the PSP running on 1/1.5/2?

  Leslie-212488 21:36 04 Sep 2005

How would i find the psp firmwear?

  powerless 21:45 04 Sep 2005

On the PSP:

Settings, System Settings, System Information.

System Software: Version [should show a number]

  Leslie-212488 22:04 04 Sep 2005

firm ware is v1.52
the thing is i am using it i the infastructure, mode. not adhoc.
what mode are you using?

  Strawballs 22:09 04 Sep 2005

I got the same when my sons friend wanted to try it on my network before he bought a router I am using WPA and set up everything including key and got the same error

  powerless 22:19 04 Sep 2005


When you setup a new connection there should be a SCAN setting. Allow the PSP just to scan and see what it does.

I'm on 2.0 so the settings are slightly different.

  Leslie-212488 22:46 04 Sep 2005

when i test the connection, should i be online or does the PSP go to it's own home page.
i will let you know what happens tommorrow.

  powerless 23:03 04 Sep 2005

If you can connect through the router the only thing the PSP will be able to do is to phone home and check for firmware updates. It should find version 2 and offer you to download it. It's 16MB [give or take]. If you upgrade to version 2 there will be a new options available. There is a Web Browser and you can then go online and view webpages like you are now. click here

  Leslie-212488 19:58 05 Sep 2005

when i do a scan, a network is detected. the ssid is displayed, plus WEP, and it says that the signal strength is 100%. i then set the WEP to the same as on the router( but it only displays 8 asterix's) is that normal?
i then set it for EASY. at this stage, everything seens ok, until you test the connection.
any more ideas.
also my son tried to register the PSP at, but it does not recgonise the serial number for the model 1003. did you encounter any problem registering your psp?

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