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a protector for 2.5d screen without gorilla glass

  sltwtr 19:37 24 Aug 2019

Hi, I just bought a new smartphone, meizu 16th which has a 2.5d (slightly curved) screen.

Apparently, the screen hasn't got any kind of protective layer in it like gorilla glass, and since it's not a popular phone, it's impossible to find tempered glass screen protector from a good company with user's opinions online. Cheap screen protector's on aliexpress has mostly bad reviews: bubbles, not sticking, doesn't cover the whole screen.

I feel like my choice is a cheap aliexpress screen protector with an unknown quality that doesn't cover the whole screen + an envelope case, but since the phone has no gorilla glass, I'm afraid it won't be enough to protect the screen from breaking.

is there some other best protective solution?

  wee eddie 21:45 24 Aug 2019

Covers from "aliexpress" among others

  Old Deuteronomy 09:40 25 Aug 2019

The best thing to do, would be to think more carefully before buying a smartphone from an unknown manufacturer.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:01 25 Aug 2019

I have just looked up reviews of this phone and the spec, on the Meizu website. It does not have a curved screen, it is the back that is curved and the screen is glass.

  wee eddie 15:23 25 Aug 2019

My own experience of the thin film Screen Covers is that they reduce the sensitivity of your screen considerably, also that they are not particularly good at protecting the Screen from damage/cracking.

However, they are brilliant if you have a cracked Screen and do not wish to spend a small fortune replacing it.

  sltwtr 15:25 25 Aug 2019

i contacted the company and they said that the screen is 2.5D, but that they have no information regarding the manufacturer of the screen. i'm afraid to use screen protectors from aliexpress because the quality is unknown, and there's no known company to sell those. any ideas?

  wee eddie 22:56 25 Aug 2019

I'm not certain how hard you've looked but, a few moments on Google produced Meizu World and an abundance of choices

  wee eddie 12:24 26 Aug 2019

You are aware that "gorilla glass" is just the Trade Name for a type of glass made by Corning.

Similar, difficult to break or scratch, types of glass are available all over the world. With, or without, a protected Trade Name

  sltwtr 14:31 27 Aug 2019

besides meizuworld, which i'm not sure how reliable they are, i've looked on Aliexpress and found some options. in this forum there's a detailed answer regarding the different kind of tempered glass screen protectors offered for 2.5d/3d screens: click here

  sltwtr 14:43 27 Aug 2019

i asked around and apperantly tempered glass is the best option, but there probably different ones with more/less layers of protection. all the options i found were tempered screen from unknown quality, but there are different kinds (see the link). anyway i think i'll probably take the tempered screen protector that doesn't cover the entire screen (mm less on the edges) + book case, because after you aply the edge to edge screen protector there's an air gap, that makes the screen unreadable outside on the sun.

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