Projector under £100 for Uni

  boyo123boyo 21:32 11 Jun 2017

I'm looking for a projector to use at uni. Would use for presentations and maybe watching films etc, if quality was good enough.

I'm on a budget of £100 and was wondering if anyone knew of anything decent quality considering the price.

  Forum Editor 07:16 12 Jun 2017

Your budget is not going to get you anything really worthwhile for the uses you intend, but for a little more you'll at least get a projector that will give you reasonable results.

Take a look at this.

  boyo123boyo 15:54 14 Jun 2017

Thanks for your response. I'm aware that it's hard to get decent projectors in this price range but the one you recommended seemed to be fair quality.

What do you think is more important, resolution or brightness?

  Forum Editor 17:31 14 Jun 2017

"What do you think is more important, resolution or brightness?"

Both are important, but I would favour good resolution over brightness. Better a crisp image that isn't so bright than a bright image that's fuzzy.

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