Problems with "KIES" software. (Extra words just to please the title police!)

  sydsnott 11:37 17 Jul 2013

I have a Galaxy S3 Lte and recently bought a 64GB card for it. Hearing of the reputation that Galaxy's have for "eating cards", I didn't want to invoke any problems, so decided to use KIES. First attempt was with "KIES Air" total waste of time, it briefly found my phone but never since. Samsung's help line agrees this software is rubish and I shoud dump it in favour of the "full-fat" version. Big mistake! After downloading it installation caused my WiFi card to disconnect. I re-connected it and then found that all subsequent Windows Updates would not install. Phoned MS. who advised it would cost me £65 min to correct it as it was not caused by MS; alternatively I could try Sys. Restore!

Fortunately that did the trick. Samsung's helpline to the rescue with an offer of "Kies on a stick" which duly arrived and on installation (yawn), it immediately informed me it was out of date....would I like to download the latest version! "No thank you" would be a distilled and sanitised version of my response!

Samsung helpline quickly arranged for another stick, with the current version loaded. was exactly the same!

Further calls elicited that this was the only version they could supply!!! Incredible!

(according to Afterdawn this version is superceeded by SEVEN others)

Anybody else having this trouble?

  alanrwood 14:20 17 Jul 2013

Kies is the biggest load of junk I have ever had the misfortune to install. It does not connect the majority of the time. I previously installed the latest version and it would connect but not allow me access to anything. After a week and a half of email exchanges with Samsung they finally agreed that it was not compatible with my phone. I asked for a previouis version which had worked reasonably well and they said that they could only supply the latest version. Had to hunt the download sites to find it and it eventually worked. Absolute carp!!!

  sydsnott 14:36 17 Jul 2013

Thanks Alan, nice to know I'm not alone....or at fault! "they said that they could only supply the latest version" lol, I suppose that they were referring to ver. which is the one they sent me ...twice. According to Afterdawn the current stable version is VER:2.5.3 Released April 27th 2013, but I'm scared to download it for fear of what it might do to my PC! I really expected more of Samsung than this, it must be hurting their credibility.

  sydsnott 14:40 17 Jul 2013

PS. sorry about the poor readablility of my post, the website seems to think that "Layout" is totally unnecessary and just prints it all as a slab!

Most unappetising, and irritating that there is no opportunity to edit!

  alanrwood 14:51 17 Jul 2013

The version I got working was Anything after that was a no-go on my phones. The install also took absolutely ages, in particular the drivers. I thought the computer had crashed.

Don't know about the V2.5.3 as I decided I had wasted enough time on it and stick to the version above. If you do try it let us know if it is a success.

  sydsnott 15:32 17 Jul 2013

Hmm, your version was quickly succeeded:- SAMSUNG Kies v2.3.1.12044_18 23 May 2012 SAMSUNG Kies v2.3.2.12054182 30 May 2012 Maybe all these versions were to accomodate different phone models, but the fact that Sammy's dedicated KIES Team only have one version seems to indicate that it is indeed a poorly written piece of doggy doo and bugs are left for the poor punters to find, prompting ad-hoc revisions.

I have never seen a piece of software with such a universal level of contempt as this.

Some folks say there are better programmes out there than KIES, but helpfully they do not share their wisdom!

I think that rather than persist in attempting to revive what is quite definitely a "Deceased Parrot"!

  sydsnott 15:38 17 Jul 2013

Some where the last scentence got lost!


I'll Google for the alternatives!

  sydsnott 15:40 17 Jul 2013

SCENTENCE indeed!...must be thought association with the whiff of Doggy Doo!

  alanrwood 18:41 17 Jul 2013

There care some alternatives out there but they are only for Android phones if I remember but I could be wrong.

  Woolwell 15:30 18 Jul 2013

Kies is one reason and it was a major reason why I didn't get a Samsung Galaxy 4 to replace my Galaxy 1. That and ease of sync with Outlook (the program). I got an iPhone instead and am pleased. Samsung make good phones but dreadful software. Regrettably you may well need Kies to get any Android updates for your S3. It is a pity that reviewers don't make much mention of Kies.

  jellyhead 20:07 18 Jul 2013

I have used AirDroid for some tasks with my Note.

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