Problems with Orange internet dongle .

  wmoore 14:58 08 Mar 2008

My wife has an orange internet dongle for Laptop
while she is away from home. The problem is that it keeps disconnecting at random times. So she has to keep reconnecting all the time. She is running Vista home basic.

  merciarich 01:54 10 Mar 2008

I am running the 3 internet dongle and I am told that the performance is not guaranteed on Vista, presumably because it is still a relatively new operating system.

  Forum Member2 13:29 11 Mar 2008

what does your wife use it for

  wmoore 22:17 11 Mar 2008

She uses it to check emails mainly.

  joey37 17:54 09 Mar 2009

after random periods of time my orange donlge manages to crash both my laptop and tower i have taken delivery of another dongle but problem persists just wondered if anyone else has had this problem?

  P1d 12:38 24 Mar 2009

Check the settings of the dongle to see if it is set to switch automatically between 3g/gprs whichever signal is stronger.

There used to be an issue where when 3g connectivity was lost and it switched to gprs your internet connection was dropped.

This can be minimised by setting it to not auto switch and creating new profiles one for 3g only and one for gprs only.

Hope this helps.


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