Problems with DVD region changes in laptop

  [DELETED] 20:24 24 Apr 2006

Hello folks,
My daughter, who is away at university, has bought herself a new laptop and is having trouble with
region changes in the DVD player. I am pretty sure that she is using Windows media player, as she hasn't got any sofware other than XP. Here, in her exact words, are details of the problem:

"So, Dad, what happened is this.
My laptop, when I got it, said that my DVD player had 5 region changes before it became fixed. So, because I have both USA and European DVDs of both regions, I used up 3 of the changes.
Right now the situation is that it's on setting for region 1 and it says it has 1 change
left. So, as my final change I want to move it back to European setting and leave it there so that is where it will be fixed. I should be able to now change it back, which is where the problem is.
When I try to change it I get, first a message which says 'Warning, you only have one change remaining. Please ensure you wish to make this change afterwhich your DVD player will be fixed.'
(or words to that effect). So I click OK because that's what I want. Then another box pops up which says 'Error; Please ensure your have inserted region 2 media in the DVD player, and make sure you have administrative priveleges to
make this change.' (it says this whether or not I have region 2 media in the drive). My DVD player is a Matsu*[email protected]:a DVD player. I have tried playing Region 1 media in the player and it plays just fine, so it will play. It's just
changing it which is the problem. Ive looked on the Matsu*[email protected]:a website to little avail. Hope this helps. Its really annoying."

If anyone has any suggestions that might solve her problem, she and I would be most grateful.

  BRYNIT 10:36 25 Apr 2006

If you go to control panel/systems/hardware/device manager click on DVD/CD-ROM drives, right click on drive select properties go to DVD region. It should tell you if you can still change the setting. If you still have one change left follow the instructions.

  [DELETED] 13:31 25 Apr 2006

I will ask her to give that a try this evening.
Any alternative suggestions, anybody, just in case this doesn't work?
Thank you.

  [DELETED] 08:34 26 Apr 2006

No joy, I'm afraid. She has already tried that and gets the messages mentioned. I have moved this thread to Helproom and have ticked it as resolved here, though it isn't yet resolved.

  [DELETED] 20:36 26 Apr 2006

Hi, can't see your other thread in the helproom yet so I'll post here. There are other options open to your daughter such as a software based region free fix (google dvd region free). A lot of the programs that do this are generally related to DVD copying software which is obviously illegal but your daughter wouldn't be heading own that path so would seem fine to me. Some programs are paid for and others are free. Some more info here click here

  [DELETED] 00:21 03 May 2006

Get her to download this its free for 21 days then you need tp pay for it then she has no need to worry about what region the dvd is set toclick here

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