problem with iplayer log in

  geoff96 19:20 17 Jan 2018

hi. Do not know if this the correct forum but having problems signing into my bbc account. Can place the email address ok but the space for the password is blocked out. i cannot find an email address for the bbc to request help and telephoning just sends you through multiple choice questions and going around in circles.

  geoff96 19:23 17 Jan 2018

I have tried 4 different browsers, cleared internet history, ran ccleaner. This problem is just on my windows 7 laptop. My tablet and my google phone work ok.

  wee eddie 21:26 17 Jan 2018

This may sound silly.

Are you sure that you are using the correct email address?

  geoff96 21:52 17 Jan 2018

wee eddie

Absolutely sure. I have tried re-registing with the same email and it says I am already registered. I also use the same log in for phone and tablet, they work.

The email is not the problem, the password cannot be inserted because the blue sign in bar blocks any password being inserted.

Hope that makes sense.

  wee eddie 22:32 17 Jan 2018

You put your Cursor where it says "Password" ~ That is where you enter your password.

Not into the Blue Button

  geoff96 23:06 17 Jan 2018

That is the problem. The cursor will not fit in. It will not go above the blue band, it has to be behind the blue band. The blue band is in the way.

  geoff96 23:18 17 Jan 2018

This is a screenshot from my phone log in. As you can see the blue band is lower and I am able to insert the password.

  wee eddie 00:13 18 Jan 2018

So, how did you solve the problem?

  geoff96 05:15 18 Jan 2018

I haven't. That was a screen shot from my phone. On my phone I can log in. On my laptop the password section is covered by the blue band as in my first post and I cannot log in.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:38 18 Jan 2018

I have tried 4 different browsers...........

If one of your browsers is Google Chrome, then as a test, try again in an "Incognito" window. That'll help determine whether it's a browser add-on that's causing this issue.

Or if you're using Firefox you can choose "Restart with Add-ons disabled" from the Help menu.

  geoff96 10:31 18 Jan 2018

Thanks for the input Secret-Squirrel. Have tried both options and same result unfortunately.

This laptop has been a dormant one, not used for awhile and I am sure iplayer worked before. I wonder if any of the windows updates has sent things askew. It would be starnge if it affected 4 browsers.

I might try uninstalling and reinstalling some recent windows updates.

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