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Problem with Humax and DVD Player on TV

  ponytail 10:38 08 Jul 2019

I have a Toshiba 19BV500B 19" tv and connected to it are a LG DVD player and a Humax PVR-9150 set top box.The TV plays fine on its own.If I try to play a DVD the colour goes all wrong and the people look like they have been out in the sun it is also quite dark.I get this as well if I try and watch a TV program using the Humax box or watch a program that has been recorded on it.I have just brought our 19"Logik up from the kitchen I forgot to say the Toshiba is in the bedroom.Everything works fine on the logic so not sure where the fault lies but as the Toshiba works fine on it's own the fault must be with the Humax or the DVD player but as they both work fine when connected to the Logik how can I tell.Hope someone can help otherwise will have to put the Toshiba in the Kitchen.If more info needed please ask.Thanks

  wiganken2 14:53 08 Jul 2019

Perhaps try the Humax forum: - click here

  ponytail 15:58 08 Jul 2019

I sent a question to the forum yesterday but still waiting a reply but thanks for that

  wiganken2 17:36 08 Jul 2019

Assuming you are connecting via HDMI cables then try disabling HDMI-CEC feature in your TV settings. Sometimes this feature confuses external "boxes". This will mean switching HDMI inputs manually but a small price to pay if it works.

  ponytail 11:16 09 Jul 2019

There are no HDMI sockets on this Humax model and none on the DVD Player but thanks for replying.

  ponytail 11:21 09 Jul 2019

The DVD player is a LG Model number DR175 and the humax is a PVR-9150T and neither has a option to use a HDMI cable.

  wiganken2 14:00 09 Jul 2019

OK! Since the 19" Logik TV works OK then it may be a Toshiba TV issue. If you are not connected via HDMI then are you connecting via Scart cables? If so then it could be the Scart handling feature inside your Toshiba TV that is on the blink.

  wiganken2 07:47 10 Jul 2019

Did you find out what the problem was/is?

  ponytail 09:49 10 Jul 2019

I am still waiting for a reply from Humax but in the meantime I have put the Toshiba in the kitchen where it works fine and there is no other units connected to it.The Logik is now in the bedroom with the Humax and the DVD player and they are all working well so will wait to see if I get a reply from Humax and will post it on here.Thanks for the replies.

  wiganken2 10:05 10 Jul 2019

You said the issue also happened with the LG DVD player. If it is a Humax problem then the issue would only happen when watching via Humax. The common factor here is the Toshiba TV so consider what I said earlier: "the Scart handling feature inside your Toshiba TV may be on the blink."

  ponytail 15:38 19 Jul 2019

I changed the two scart cables and it seems fine now.Those two cables were old as have had them since before we moved to this house in 2006.I bought two new cables.So thanks for the replies and help.

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