A problem with 'The Godfather'

  tigertop2 08:40 30 Oct 2008


I am trying to run on my PC the latest Bluray 'Godfather Trilogy' series just received yesterday. I have a LG Bluray player which is working perfectly well with other Bluray films. It will not run any of this 4 set DVD. I am using Power DVD 7.3 with latest updates but when it opens the film the first picture on the first scene is on continual replay. Sound is OK but also repeated. I cannot operate any of the onscreen controls except the stop button. It is not a region issue I believe but I cannot figure out what the problem is --unless this DVD issue will only play on Power DVD 8.
Any suggestions most welcome

  tigertop2 11:24 30 Oct 2008

Beta , thanks

However if I download the '8' trial it may wipe the HDDVD software which comes with the LG Bluray /HDDVD installtion CD. And HDDVD is not included in Power DVD 8. I did not think that new Bluray releases would only work in Power DVD8. Does anyone know if this is a fact?

Havbe just tried to play these DVDs on a brand new Blue-ray fitted PC in PC World. The same problem reoccurs on all 4 DVDs. Maybe 8 is the answer but I would like to be certain before I load it as it costs a bomb if I have to buy the full version

  tigertop2 15:18 30 Oct 2008

I have seen posts elsewhere that allege HDDVD is not included in the Power DVD8 package. Glad to hear you are getting it. Did you have Power DVD 7 .3 before? It seems to remain if you install the Ultra version over it

I have a GGC-H20L and 1.03 is the latest version for that model, which I have.

Appreciate your helpful advice and I have now ordered Power DVD 8 Ultra so will find out tomorrow if I have solved the problem. Another Blu-Ray film 'No Country for Old Men' arrived today and plays perfectly. Yet I suspect it was cut around the same time as 'The Godfather' trilogy. We shall see, I will let you know how it goes over the next few says

  tigertop2 16:48 30 Oct 2008

I will find out tomorrow no doubt. It's been a long day with this problem--time to feed the cat. Will let you know how I get on as I suspect others may find the same problem with new Blu-ray DVDs and older software. This DVD set was only released in the UK 2 days ago so the problem may not be obvious to those buying it.

Thanks anyway

  tigertop2 14:55 31 Oct 2008

Well, 'Power DVD8 Ultra' now installed and the same problem occurs. I have checked my Blu ray optical drive is set to region2 and I have checked that all my other DVD films play perfectly. Must be something wrong with this 4set film series received via Amazon UK. It is going back pronto.
I will be interesrted to find out if anyone else gets a dud set of DVDs--or has any other ideas on what I might try.

  tigertop2 15:56 31 Oct 2008

At last --CRACKED IT!

When the screen opens one has to operate the play button with keyboard's 'return key' not click the mouse as one does in other Blurays I have. I only came across this by surfing throgh Cybertech's forum site

Maybe I should have known this but I see from other forums there are lots of guys with the same problem in other recent Bluray dvds.

So simple as most solutions are. And thanks Beta for all your advice which kept me going earlier The cat gets an extra fish head tonight instead of a growl from me.

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