Problem with discs redorded using dvd recorder

  pete_mcal 21:23 18 Aug 2006

Hello, I recently bought a standalone dvd recorder that connects to your tc,sky,vcr or whatever.

I have read through the guide and do everything it tells you to for the recording process.

I put the discs in and record stuff to them, however they only play on the dvd recorder that created them and not on any other machine or pc. They do not recognise them at all and when inserted in a PC the drive shows as nothing in it.

I am definetly using the correct polarity of disc + as it instructs

any ideas would be much appreciated as the reason i bought this was to have stuff on PORTABLE disc format.

thankyou very much in advance from pete_mcal

  anthonystorey 21:27 18 Aug 2006

you might have to finalise the disk which should be somewhere in the disk menu
good luck

  pete_mcal 21:38 18 Aug 2006

the only thing is its single write discs i am using

does anyone know if disc finalisation applies to single use discs?

thanks again

  g0nvs 22:00 18 Aug 2006

Yes it does. If you want to play the discs on another DVD player then you must close the disc first.

  De Marcus™ 22:15 18 Aug 2006

ditto g0nvs.

Once your finished recording to the disk, you must finalise it.

  rodriguez 16:38 19 Aug 2006

The recorder should give the option to finalise after the recording has finished. If it doesn't, then the finalise option will be in one of the menus.

  pete_mcal 21:18 19 Aug 2006

Thanks for everyones help i found the finalise option burried away after going through many many sub menus

funny there was no mention of it in the manual - maybe they take it for granted that people know to do that

anyway good job people - case closed
Thankyou ! ! !

From Pete_Mcal

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