Problem with Bluetooth in Mazda CX5

  john bunyan 17:02 09 Jul 2019

I have a 6 year old Mazda CX-5, and use an iPhone 6s. Twice recently the phone option has disappeared from the menu on the media console and if you press the option on the tunnel. Navigation, Audio, ,Radio fine. The local main agent did a software update that involved taking out the glovebox. It worked ok for a mont or so and then the same happened, again fixed FOC by Mazda. They suspect a failing module ( whatever that is) but can’t identify the spare pat number, saying it could cost a few hundred. I wonder if there are special repair folk

  Menzie 22:21 09 Jul 2019

For car radios not really, they are so integrated into the vehicle and security system now that even changing them can be a nightmare.

You could possibly find a local mechanic who could replace the module, labour-wise it would be cheaper than the dealer.

Just ensure that OEM parts are used and not a cheap clone.

  john bunyan 09:26 10 Jul 2019

Thanks. I wondered because my local I phone/ I pad repair guy bad repaired I phone with new fuses on motherboard much smaller than a pin heat, with special welding kit.

  john bunyan 09:54 10 Jul 2019

Bad = has!

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