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Portable WAV-file-player - advice, please?

  Dan 12:46 18 Feb 2020

Hello. I'm looking for a portable device that will allow me to upload WAV-files (containing recordings of myself playing music) onto it from a PC, and to listen to the music while I'm out and about - essentially an iPod-like device, but for my self-recorded music. If the device was also able to record sound, that would be a bonus, but the capability of recording sound isn't an essential requirement, and I would rather sacrifice that capability in exchange for optimum storage-capacity and file-safety. The greater the storage-capacity of the device the better - a minimum of one terabyte would be good. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou. Dan

  wee eddie 13:10 18 Feb 2020

Remember that any "Built-In" Microphone is going to be considerably less than ideal, with a smaller dynamic range and less accuracy

  alanrwood 10:51 20 Feb 2020

Very few players could cope with wav files and I am not aware of any at this present time as mp3 etc is more universal. Back in 2005 I did provide service facilities for one that I seem to remember did support wav files.

Why not use an online converter to convert the wav files to another format ie mp3.

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