Portable DVD player formats...

  Ronyap 12:29 28 Aug 2006


As far as I know, my DVD player can only play DVDs which are burnt to play on TV*. And, when I do burn those files, they come up huge. Like, only one movie per 4.7 GB disc. But, when I dont burn TV DVDs, I burn Data Disks (so that I can keep the media), which do not enlarge. They are perfect. Say you put 700 mb onto a 4.7 gb, you will have around 4GB left (by using data disk) but if you use the TV DVD burner to watch on TV, it takes up the whole disk.

*And by the way, I use Sonic for my burner, and by TV DVD burner, I mean by going to 'Create Project' > 'DVD something' (for anyone who uses Sonic)

And, so my question is,

I saw a portable DVD player which says:

-->MPEG-4 (AVI, DivX) playback

Does this mean I can play videos which are burnt by using data disk? Or do I still have to burn it by the TV DVD way. Coz, if it does work by the Data Disk way, then it is great, coz then I can put like 6 Movies on one disk, and watch it on a DVD player (portable) instead of just fitting one on.

Just asking. Help appreciated. ^^


Ps. Sorry for the long post

  Ronyap 12:32 28 Aug 2006

oh, and when I burn using the TV DVD way, the files come up in some .VOB thing, and .BUP, thats what its meant to do. Just some extra info. :D

  FelixTCat 13:16 28 Aug 2006


The DVD movie format is designed to fit one movie on a DVD. If you do your own rendering from AVI files or similar you can put on more than one, but there is a trade-off with quality.

DivX is a compressed format which can reduce a full-length movie to, perhaps, 1 GB, so you could get 4 o 5 movies on a DVD. Because it is a compressed file, the quality is not as good as the original movie, but it can be pretty good.

Whatever device you use to play DivX files must have a DivX decoder in order to decompress those files.

DivX files are burned to a DVD just like data files. When you put the DVD in your player, the menu shows a list of the files; you select the one you want and play it.



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