Poor high speed connection with T-Mobile

  snowy30 01:25 01 May 2014


Thought I try and muster up some clarity on my so-called High Speed connectivity, because I can't hardly get any sense out of T-Mobile.......I'd get more sense from a barrel full of monkeys!

For some weeks now, my so-called High Speed connectivity is considerably low, more so during the course of the day. It takes web pages, images especially, a while to d/l and can take a little while for the newsfeed on my Facebook app to update. This is via the WCDMA connection on my Samsung S3, which, I understand is a wideband version of 3G. I then happen to find myself switch to GSM to speed up the process of d/l. The other day I downloaded a speed test app, and late night/early hours my speed shoots up to, averaging, 13Mbps and then drops to and barely reaches 1Mbps during the course of the day., even though I'm using WCDMA connection which then makes me switch to GSM.

I thought I was onto a good deal paying about £12pm after cash back via Phones.co.uk, but I'm even still waiting for my first lot of money back. I had an email about the middle of March or just before, saying the money will be my account 14 days from the 3rd of April, now according to the phone call I made last Friday I got to give it another 14 days. So, between the poor high speed T-Mobile connection and delay in having cash back I'm sorry I gone in for this deal with Phones.co.uk.

Does anyone else have poor high speed connectivity with T-Mobile?

I contacted them some days ago and at the time they said there is work on-going, and then had a message saying that it has been fixed. So the drop in high speed is either because of the number of people online and due to 4G or there IS work still on-going.

I appreciate if anyone can shed some proper light on the matter


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