poor display on tosh lcd through sky box

  total_pc 08:38 08 Sep 2006

Have just bought a Tosh 32wlt66 lcd TV. Dvd through a scart connection is awesome but the display through scart on my Sky box is not great.. Have seen "upscaling" dvd players, but from what I can tell they only upscale the dvd output - ie if I run my Sky box through the player to the TV it won't upscale that signal? Is there something I can buy that will upscale my Sky signal? I guess the other option is to run Sky through a PC with a HDMI video card, but this seems a little extreme. I was also looking at the Kiss DP600 click here but this does not appear to have a scart input and the job could be done better with a PC. My brain is aching so any help gratefully received..

  DieSse 15:15 09 Sep 2006

Check the setup of the Sky digibox. I've seen some dreadful pictures from accidentally altered settings.

Look under System Setup - Picture Settings in the menus. Look particularly at the Video Output Type setting.

Tell us what's not great about the picture.

  total_pc 11:12 10 Sep 2006

I did reply to this earlier but it seems to have dissappeared in to the ether. Apologies for a double post if it reappears..
The picture is best described as blurry. Watched the rerun of Match of the day this morning and it was really awful although other broadcasts have been ok.. I have set the sky box, (a Pace DS430N) to RGB with low contrast and there is no improvement. The picture format is set to 4:3 and the signal strength and quality are about 4/5ths of max. It is connected with the scart cable that came with it although I have swapped this with the dvd player cable to no avail. What is the answer???!!

  dms05 16:03 11 Sep 2006

I run my 40" w/s Sony LCD TV from both a Sky box and DVD. First of all not all Satellite channels offer the same quality, so don't expect them to do so. Having said that widescreen BBC1/2 and News24 (along with ITV1, C4 etc) give excellent results. Not as good as DVD but you wouldn't expect that as DVD is providing more data. However some older 4:3 programmes on Sky 1 for example are awful and not worth watching. On a 20" TV no problem but as the screen size increases so does the demands on the quality of the source programme.

Is your TV 16:9 aspect? If it is then setting 4:3 on the Sky box will cause problems. Set 16:9 or Letterbox.

Also the quality of the interconnections becomes critical. If I've spent £1200 on a TV I wouldn't spend £0.99 on a SCART.

  total_pc 07:50 12 Sep 2006

BBC1 is generally okay but it was BBC1 that the football was on.. I will try the 16:9 seting but was going to hold off spending on some decent scart leads until I got some answers - Is there an upscaler for my Sky signal, Is it worth running the whole lot through a PC, Do I get Sky HD? I see ATI have released an HDMI graphics card.. Anyone had any experiemce of these yet with an lcd? The Sky HD is my least favourite option as cost is a factor. Thanks for your comments so far..

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