Playing MP3 Player through in-wall speaker system

  hollyjacy 14:27 03 Jul 2010

Hi, my partner has a Sony Walkman MP3 player and I want to buy him something that will allow it to play through his in-wall speaker system wirelessly. Does something like this exist? I have asked in our local Sony shop but they couldn't come up with anything. Thanks.

  grey george 20:32 03 Jul 2010

Where is the speaker system feed from? That is what devices play through it at the moment?
If one is an FM radio than a small transmitter can be used.

  hollyjacy 20:18 04 Jul 2010

Yes it does have a radio. So is that something that would connect to the mp3 player? Would it be able to transmit from a different room? Would it be a good quality sound? Is there any way to do it using a similar sort of technology to that used in wireless headphone? Thanks for your help!

  grey george 21:28 05 Jul 2010

Most off the shelf products are designed for in car use so my not have the range you need. If you know what your doing it may be possible to use a video sender but this would not be a pretty solution. Another way would be to use wifi with your mp3s on a laptop and use some thing like this.
click here

  hollyjacy 10:47 06 Jul 2010

The walkman is the NWZX1060B X Series so I think it has wifi built in. Would I be able to stream music directly from the walkman to this device? Thanks.

  grey george 21:21 06 Jul 2010

NO. You could use something like this: click here
A lot is going to depend on what other equipment you have and whether it is near to the HiFi that is running the speakers. If you have a WiFi network and the pc is close to the HiFi you could do it that way but this means you will need all this equipment switched on to play some music.

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