playing .mov in windows media player?

  marsolen 12:43 15 Apr 2010

Hullo there,

I recently bought a new netbook and the software on here seems to be different to that on my old laptop.

My camera records in .mov format and I am trying to play this on my Windows Media Player, but am having some difficulty. It seems to be playing the sound but there is no picture. I'm not sure if there is a simple way to solve this and I need to simply download a codec or if I would need to convert the file to a type that Windows Media Player will accept.

Incidentally, I have already downloaded a codec to play downloaded video on WMP, but this does not seem to work for playing the .mov file.

If anyone could make any recommendations or suggest a good file converter (I have bad experiences trying to find one that works in the past!) I would be very grateful!


  stephen13 17:45 15 Apr 2010

Hi, Try downloading Quick time player, Quick time alternative, or VLC Media Player. these may play it without conversion.


  marsolen 18:17 15 Apr 2010

Thank you @stephen13, I'll take a look at doing that. Am I right in believing that if I want to video edit in Windows Movie Maker I would need to convert the files anyway. Do you happen to know of a reliable file converter?

Thank you

  rick808 19:50 15 Apr 2010

You don't mention the make of the camera but if it's like mine, JVC, you don't need to convert the videos just change the file extension to .mpg. If you have lots to do it's worth using a batch renamer such as this - click here

  stephen13 16:37 19 Apr 2010

Try Any Video Converter, it works ok for me.

  john810 09:36 21 Apr 2010

<a href="click here">MOD Converter</a> is a rather professional mod video converter, which is able to convert mod and teach you how to convert mod files. It can convert MOD, TOD, MPEG files into MP4, MP4 AVC, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP2, M4A, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.
<a href="click here">MOD to AVI</a>

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