Piping SKY box via RF feed to 2nd TV

  stevo1520 00:37 28 Jun 2007

Help! I previously had my SKY+ signal routed via a VCR and signal splitter (with amplifier) to a second TV in another room. I've replaced the VCR with a Panasonic DMR-EZ27 DVD recorder. I can't simply route the signal through the DVD recorder because the RF output appears to be a pass-through and I can't tune the DVD to the SKY box frequency because the DVD doesn't have an analogue tuner.

I've tried passing the SKY box RF output directly to the TV but I just get a very fuzzy signal (on channel 68) but can't improve it at all.

Can anyone suggest anything? Many thanks

  Sebastian Ereira 13:03 28 Jun 2007

try asking sky

If you are getting a fuzzy picture you have a loose connection somewhere as I run 3tvs via one sky box in my house and they all work fine with brilliant picture quality.

  Steve- 08:56 05 Jul 2007

It does sound as if you have a dodgy connection somewhere, the DVD RF loop through should pass the SKY signal with no problems. If you want the DVD output on the distribution as well try using a modulator such as click here you may have to play around with the channels to find one with no interference.

  stevo1520 09:13 05 Jul 2007

Thanks guys. The odd thing is it worked fine when i was routing the signal via a video recorder. I will have a play with the connections but I have used new RF leads and the same amplifier. SKY's suggestion was to pay £85 for a TV link!

  stevo1520 23:30 05 Jul 2007

What I've now found is that if I connect the "RF out" from the SKY box to the TV without the "RF in" (from roof arial) cable connected to the SKY box the signal is fine, but if I then connect the "RF in" cable the signal is poor. I think it's because the UHF modulator is set to channel 68 which "clashes?" (don't know term) with a terrestial channel. SKY manual says UHF modulator can be between 21 to 69 but doesn't say how to change it (I've been through all the setup menus) and SKY themselves are of no use. I need the RF in cable connected otherwise I can't watch terrestial TV on the other TV if SKY is set to something else.

Any ideas? Would appreciate some. Thanks

  Steve- 09:00 06 Jul 2007

To change the Output Channel on a SKY Box press: Services, 4, 0, 1, Select; and go to RF Outlets.It's probably a good idea to run through the channels on your TV first and find one that is free of interference depending on where you live this could be a problem as most of the space is taken up these days with Digital multiplexes etc.

  stevo1520 09:02 06 Jul 2007

Thanks I'll try that later.

  QuizMan 23:47 06 Jul 2007

I use this. click here

Works very well as Sky signal transmitter, but be warned - it plays havoc with wireless networking.

  stevo1520 23:25 08 Jul 2007

Steve, when I select Services, 4, it goes to picture menu, doesn't react to 0, or 1. What am I doing wrong?


  laurie53 08:34 09 Jul 2007

Nothing. There will be no reaction, just do as Steve- suggests Services, 4, 0, 1, Select. That's when you get the reaction.


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