Piping Audio Throughout the House

  AlanHo 17:31 30 Nov 2005

I would like to install speakers in the kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms and study so that I can pipe audio from my HiFi around the house. However - I wish to avoid the difficult job of installing a network of connecting cables.

Does anyone know whether anyone makes a "sender" and speakers which connect through the mains (like some baby alarms do) or via an inexpensive WiFi network. Being able to mute rooms or alter the volume in each room would be nice.

  [email protected] 17:50 30 Nov 2005

I think a WiFi network would be the only wireless option. I don't think you would achieve acceptable quality through normal radio waves such as those found on baby alarms.

Apple sells a product that allows you to stream your music from itunes around the house wirelessly click here. Depending on the layout of your house you could use a combination of these and then wired connections for rooms close together (eg in our house we have the airport going to the hi-fi in the dining room which then goes to a splitter that can play through 3 sets of speakers. We have one set in the kitchen and another in the dining room).

A better but very expensive option - click here

  DieSse 22:20 30 Nov 2005

There are loads of * wireless loudspeakers * around - just a google search will find you loads - even waterproof ones for the shower!!!

  DieSse 22:27 30 Nov 2005

example click here

and click here

  powerless 22:59 30 Nov 2005
  powerless 23:00 30 Nov 2005

doh didn't have me eyes open there.

  [email protected] 20:58 01 Dec 2005

I had to search for your thread before posting because I couldn't remember what it was called.

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