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  podlod 11:37 07 Nov 2006

Hi there, I have a prob where as I had Picasa2 and Irfanview on my PC, but I decided to remove Irfanview and just have Picasa 2. When I did this I decided to send a photo from Picasa2 to my documents which I did ok, but when I wanted to open the photo in documents I kept getting a panel coming up saying. ` This photo dce 523 JPG is not a valid win 32 application`. Could somebody please tell me how to rectify this prob?? Thank you.

  hssutton 19:39 07 Nov 2006

Could this be due to the photos being assigned to open in Irfanview ?

If so do the following.

to get your images to open in Picasa, right click any of your photo thumbnails, in the box that opens select Picasa. and tick the box at the bottom which says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".

If Picasa is not displayed in the list click on the browse button, then browse for and click on Picasa, another box will open, select Picasa. exe. Not forgetting to select "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

  podlod 06:26 08 Nov 2006

HI HS, I did what you said and then tried again to open in my documents but it said the same again, and when I tried browser in Picasa, Picasa did not appear to be there?, please help.

  podlod 13:30 08 Nov 2006

Hi again, If anybody out there has Irfanview could they please tell me how to cancel my open with them and how to refer back to opening with My Pictures or Picasa as I am having great trouble in transfering back to opening with either of these? Thanks

  amyfleur 14:13 08 Nov 2006

Right click on any photo thumbnail
- choose OPEN WITH..
- go down to CHOOSE PROGRAM...
- go down to OTHER PROGRAMS...
- choose PICASA
- check the tickbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".

Failing this try this:

Got to TOOLS
- choose FILE TYPES
- select JPEG
- click on CHANGE box
- select PICASA (or WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER)from the listings
- click on OK
- and again OK.

Hope this works for you.

  podlod 14:59 08 Nov 2006

Hi Amyfleur, Well I tried your first advice and it did not work, and when I tried your second example, I got as far as open with Picasa,I am afraid picasa did not show up apart from everything else being there that was not? I then tried to open in my pictures which I did, but that did not work either?
It seems the only way to open anything in JPEG or even Email a photo is to send it through Irfanview, which I dont want to do, PLEASE HELP

  hssutton 16:15 08 Nov 2006

Did you follow my last instruction?.

If picasa does not show Click on the Browse button. This opens up another "open With" box. If "Program Files" are not displayed in the Drop Down box, click on the little down arrow and select your Hard Drive usually "C-drive". Look down the list and click on "Program Files" In the box that opens find "Picasa2" click on that and select "Picasa2.exe

  amyfleur 17:48 08 Nov 2006

It sounds as if you have lost / deleted the PICASO program instead of IRFANVIEW.

Can you check whether you have / have not the Picasa and Irfanview programs on your PC?

- scroll down the list of programs to see if either/neither/both PICASA and IRFANVIEW are still on your PC.

Then we'll go from there. I won't be able to reply again till later this evening - food time!!

Although someone else might be able to conclude this enigma in the meantime.

Do also try the suggestion from hssutton although I know that looking through the program folder can be a bit of a minefield at times especially if Picasa was stored in a sub-folder of programs by mistake.


  Stuartli 23:21 08 Nov 2006

I have both Irfanview and Picasa2 on my system, along with PIXResizer and two or three other similar programs, and none of them conflict in any way.

  podlod 08:55 09 Nov 2006

Hi, I want to thank everybody for your suggestions, but an old friend came around last night for the first time in years and he knows about computors, so he resolved the prob for me, and that was to completly delete everything concerning Irfanview, which did take over on photos. Thanks again for all your help, and the prob now is he has gone so I will prob be asking for help again tommorow!!!!!Cheers.

  Stuartli 16:17 15 Nov 2006

New update to Picas2 today:

click here

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