Photoshop Elements 8 - Batch rename - How?

  Border View 16:31 05 Dec 2011

I have Photoshop Elements 8. I am trying to rename ten photographs all in the same folder. I have Shift click first and last and they all go blue. OK so far, but when I right click they stop being highlighted.

In proper Adobe Photoshop all you do is right click somewhere amongst the photographs and you get the drop down box and then click on batch rename. This does not work for me in Photoshop Elements 8.

Can anyone please lead me through how to rename this batch of photos before I tear my hair out.

Thank you.

  john bunyan 20:52 05 Dec 2011

See Here:

  john bunyan 20:53 05 Dec 2011

And Here:

  Border View 23:02 05 Dec 2011

Hello john bunyan thanks for responding. Unfortunately I get a "web page cannot be found" displayed.

Shall try manually. Will let you know how I get on

  Border View 23:19 05 Dec 2011

I found the help page you mentioned. This was one I found this afternoon and tried following their instructions which didn't work as mentioned in my original post.

I've investigated PSE8 a bit more and found that if you open the software and without opening any specific files Click on "File">Process multiple files this opens a box where you can identify the folder/sub folder that contains the group of pictures you wish to rename. Type in appropriate information and bingo it does it. You do end up with a duplicate set of photos and have to delete the original ones.

Probably a much easier way but at least I have found one method.

Thank you for your interest john bunyan.

Will now do the green tick thing.

  john bunyan 08:37 06 Dec 2011

BorderviewGlad you solved it. I use CS5 and you have to create an instruction set and apply it to open files to change sizes - a different issue to yours.

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