photos, watermarks and home scanning prevention?

  theDarkness 19:46 21 Dec 2012

I know a relation that is thinking of selling on prints of their image based work (eg paintings or photography) onto cd dvd and in physical printed format. They wonder about the likelyhood of anyone printing multiple copies of their work without permission, so I thought I would look for a solution for them. Does anyone know if its possible for work (in an image based file format or not, from disc) to show perfectly on screen, but is automatically watermarked if a print is attempted? If this is possible, what is the most likely file format that may suit this, and is there any programs that may add watermarks to common image based formats without needing photoshop-they must show on any pc ok, but always print with the watermark?

I also wonder if a physical print can be protected by selling their work onto a certain type of photo paper type that gives optimum quality, but is either unscannable, or gives poorer quality if scanned by a third party? I am wondering what this paper format may be, if true.

Thanks for any advice

  mole1944 05:29 22 Dec 2012

just put the message on the photo in large print who the owner of the picture is and do it as a new layer but just visable but not intrusive then merge the layers and save it,don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

  rainbow9 13:59 22 Dec 2012

There are automated and powerful tools like Mass Watermark that can do the job easily for you.It can watermark 100s of images with few clicks and within minutes.There are additional options like adding EXIF Info,Resizing,Optimizing and even direct upload of watermarked images directly to your Picasa/Flickr web albums quickly and easily.Its completely a professional tool check it out

  wiz-king 14:09 22 Dec 2012

On your second question you can get paper that has anti-scanning built in so that it come up with background words. I dont know if it would take good colour prints though.

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