Photos lost transferring from Samsung J5 phone

  Dreamer99 10:13 21 Sep 2017

Help please! I bought a 32G memory stick from Amazon to transfer my photos to as my phone had run out of storage. I followed instructions on you tube and moved the photos to the stick. They have disappeared from my phone but only 2 videos and 4 photos have appeared on the stick. I transferred around 800. They are all of my son so I am devastated that they are lost. Is there any way to retrieve them?

  I am Spartacus 23:24 21 Sep 2017

Do you have a Google Drive Account?

Does your phone have the 'Photos' App installed?

Did you accept the default for 'Photos' to backup your photos to the Google Drive?

If the answer to the above is yes then you should have copies of the photos stored in your Google Drive, not necessarily at the resolution they were taken but still good quality.

You may also find copies of deleted photos in the Photos App recently deleted section of Albums settings but if you moved rather than copied them to the memory stick, maybe not.

Recuva is supposed to be good for recovering deleted photos but I suspect you may have bought a cheap memory stick from Amazon that could be a fake and doesn't have the full 32GB capacity. It's worth a try but don't write anything to the memory stick that might overwrite any photos.

  Gordon Freeman 14:00 22 Sep 2017

Check if you have samsung drive or samsung cloud enabled as back-up. I think this happens by default, so check in your might be lucky.

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