Photos are blurred

  Hetti 19:17 08 Jan 2011

Hi all
Hope Im in the right place with this query,
I have photos and some documents saved in windows photo gallery, but when I try to veiw some of them they have lost all detail. When they first appear on the screen in WPG there are tiny, when I try to make it bigger I cannot see any detail at all.

Have I lost the items or is there a way to recover them?

Running Win Vista home

  bremner 10:21 09 Jan 2011

It appears you are only viewing a thumbnail of the picture, hence when you enlarge it it looses definition.

Right click and select properties and see what their file size is.

  Terry Brown 20:59 12 Jan 2011

Go to sSEARCH and enter *.jpg. This will find all your photo's on your system, and then you can re-locate them so you can find them easier.

Another option is to use a program like Picassa (from Google-FREE)which will locate all your graphic programs (jpeg,mpeg,avi) and sort them for you according to date and folder.

This also has an excellent editing and straightening, which is easy to here

To save your finished work it is best to EXPORT them to a different folder, rather than just save.

  Hetti 19:23 13 Jan 2011

Ok guys

Sorry for delay getting back here I will do as you suggest I have Ashampoo photo commander is picasa better than this one?,

The photos I was having problems with file size are all around 65.6kb it is a copy of a census return, so all the file sizes will be around the same size.
They are text rather than phots will that make a difference?

  john bunyan 23:10 13 Jan 2011

I have had a look at some of my photos (I use Photoshop).
I usually keep "snapshots" at 7" x 5" at 300 dpi, and they are at about 500 - 600 Kb. Some are kept for a photoframe and as screens can only show at 72dpi and are only about 5" x 3" they are at about 51 Kb (like yours) and show well on the PC screen. In your photo software what is the dpi shown as , and what size are they?

  john bunyan 23:15 13 Jan 2011

I have opened one of my small photos in Paint ( A free part on Windows 7 and, I think, XP). Looked fine. What Operating system do you use?

  Hetti 07:46 14 Jan 2011

john bunyan
Thanks for reply, i use win vista.DPI in one example is 96.00.

I just noticed that the photos Im having this problem with are ones I have been sent via email from people were are also reseaching their family tree.

I have just openend one of the photos in question in Zoner Photo Studio and it opened and enlarged fine, the problem seems to be related to my Family tree software and photos I have been sent from others, as the ones I have researched myself are fine.

  john bunyan 10:42 14 Jan 2011

I found a somewhat similar problem where a rather non tech friend had scanned a photo but forgot to ensure the scanner only scanned the actual photo rather than the whole platten, so it was surrounded by white - the actual photo therefore, was not a good one as the pixels were scattered over a A4 size or more and the photo part had too few.

  Hetti 12:15 14 Jan 2011

john bunyan

Im not too techie myself hence this question, what does "rather than the whole platten" mean? I guessd it is the white boarder surrounding the photo but I bet Im a mile off, lol

  john bunyan 14:02 14 Jan 2011

I can only say what I do. My flatbed scanner, when you put a photo on it for scanning, usually automatically puts a box around the photo and scans just that. For the normal range of photo sizes I use 300 dpi as that is good for printing. However some scanners do not auto detect where the photo is so you end up scsnning the whole area (platen) of the glass on the scanner - in my case 297 x 216 mm. If you dont notice this and have set the scanner to scan at , say, 75 dpi, the resulting "photo" will be A4 size with an enormous white border. Have you a scanner - if so there should be an "advanced" option where such settings can be seen.

  Hetti 17:20 14 Jan 2011

OK you learn something new everyday (especailly on this site its just great)
I do have a scanner but its just brand new and have never used it yet, but I will look out for and bear in mind the points you make when I use it.

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