littlestan 15:54 11 Oct 2009

hi everyone - please can you help me. I have had my nokia 6101 for 4 years. It has done me proud and is still good. However, I have daughters in Oz and they email me and whilst my phone tells me i have email, it is hopeless to try and read it as it is such a long winded and expensive process and I can't send any in return.

Also, my office has stopped employees reading external email so I have to wait until I get home.

I think its time to upgrade so could anyone recommend a phone from which I can send and receive email which is hotmail compatible (as I am told not all phones are). I dont want to go on contract as I like to be in control. I dont need anything singing and dancing - just a decent phone, easy to set up and can send and receive email.

Dont have a huge budget and would like to stay with o2 as they have been a really good network.

Tall order - I know! I have seen an LG GW300 in o2 shop but cant find any reviews. I'm so dim with all this techno stuff and EDGE and HSPDA etc etc so some easy speak would be welcome. This phone retails for £88 which seems good - but is it? Sorry just would like some direction and advice. Many thanks LS

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