Phone seems to crash while using a micro sd card

  Matt Sherbert 23:25 14 Jun 2017

I have been using my Samsung s7 edge for nearly a year, and the entirety of this time i have been using a 64 GB Micro SD (click here As of recently my phone has started crashing/freezing/not responding, and I believe this is to do with the SD card. I only really notice the crashing when i am taking pictures or loading my gallery (of which pictures and downloads are sent straight to the SD). As previously mentioned i have nearly been using this card for a year but my phone has only just started having this problem. I can't think of anything else that it could be and there is still 10 GB's left on the card. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matt

  tullie 07:21 15 Jun 2017

Remove sd card to see if it still happens?

  Matt Sherbert 19:01 15 Jun 2017

I switched the photo location to device and when i take pictures it doesn't seem to affect the phone. Also when i open a video that is in the device storage it open, loads and plays instantly, however, when i open a video on the SD card storage, it took forever, and when it did load it froze and lagged. It must be the SD card, how would i fix this though?

  BRYNIT 20:12 15 Jun 2017

Maybe corrupt files on the SD card. If you have the files saved else where try formatting the SD card before trying it again. If the problem still happens try a different SD card as the SD card could be faulty.

  JohnSmith75 07:58 14 Jul 2017

Maybe sd card formated in a wrong file system type? check it.

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