Phone Losing Charge when Powered Off

  SURVEY 16:08 16 Jan 2017

Samsung S5 Neo. Excellent phone and long lasting battery except for the fact that when powered off it loses charge - sometimes as much as 35% over 8 hours. If battery removed and replaced in phone after 8 hours , there is no loss of charge so battery must be fine. At present phone is in for repair under warranty but has anyone any idea why this should be happening.

  Govan1x 17:00 16 Jan 2017


Sometimes it is best to let the battery drain completely before recharging.

I have a Samsung S3 I believe and had problems with the battery draining fairly quickly

I let it drain completely and now battery lasts a lot longer. Worth a try.

  SURVEY 17:12 16 Jan 2017

Govan1x. Tried that! The phone battery is excellent at holding its charge. I just cannot fathom why it loses charge when powered off. As I say, if I take the battery ot and later reinstall it, there is no loss of charge, so clearly there is a power leak when the phone is powered off. Haev asked frinds with other Samsung phones to power theirs off overnight and they have no loss of charge. Bizarre.

  SURVEY 21:17 20 Jan 2017

Just received phone back from repair and it has the asme fault. EE have agreed to replace it but I have discovereed they will replace it with a factory refurbished model. My phone is 8 months old. Should I accept the refurbished one or put up with a battery loss when powered off and just charge it up as necessary and put in say ultra battery saver mode? Once I accept the efurbished phone, mine will have bee collected. Advice folks please?

  SURVEY 12:11 21 Jan 2017

Have decided not to accept a refurbished phone. No doubt it would have passed all Samsung's quality control tests but so had my phone that was returned to me with the existing fault! Also I would not have known how old the replacement one is or what its original fault or reason for return was. Thus better the devil one knows for the time being. One of the Samsung erapir shops had offered to look at my phone and also test it as I have always wanted (check charge loss when powered off) and try to diagnose the fault. I could still accept a refurbished phoen if push came to shove.

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