Phone hacking - how do you protect your phone?

  bluefizz 16:21 13 Jul 2011

This is a big subject in the news at the moment - but as a new user of a smartphone, how would I stop it from being hacked?

  Crosstrainer2 18:01 13 Jul 2011

It depends on your phone...Iphone? still pretty secure, although I know from my friends at Apple that it's an issue they are getting more concerned about.

Android, Symbian, all major platforms are now being covered in the same way you protect your PC.

Smartphone Security

The link is just one example, and I'm pretty sure we will all be paying in the same way we pay for our PC antivirus and antispyware products. My Iphone is not covered, but I will be taking steps as soon as Apple release products (and they will I'm BETA testing for them @ the moment) Being sensible about what you do with your device is good policy, more thaqn ever.

  Crosstrainer2 18:10 13 Jul 2011

Sorry, wrong link....Long day:

Smartphone Security

Kaspersky, Symantec et al have products available now.

  karmgord 21:24 17 Jul 2011

The "hacking" in the news is simply accessing the owners mobile phones voicemail.They could do this because the owner has not changed the voicemail security pin from the network operators default. All you need do if you want to protect your voicemail is to change the default pin for voicemail. Nobody can realistically listen to calls as they are encrypted on transmission.

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