Phone buying advice between 3 phones

  Stefan Popescu 16:42 22 Jul 2018

Hello. I need some help on deciding which of 3 phones should i buy. I'll also state the converted prices to £. They are all new. Lg g6: £325 Zte axon 7 mini: £165 Huawei P20 lite: £290 I'm really confused because i think the g6 is the most future-proof, axon mini is compact which i really like and the p20's design is most appealing for me. And there's also the pricing that doesn't help me make up my mind.

  wee eddie 17:07 22 Jul 2018

Forget the concept of "future proof". The replacement product is already being tested

  Scott will 14:35 24 Jul 2018

Hey, if you're looking for all in one phone, then you should go for the huawei p20 pro, i think it's a good choice for you.

  SweetPotatoes 12:42 26 Jul 2018

Same here. I'll go with huawei p20 pro. The price is also not that bad

  QuizMan 12:59 26 Jul 2018

Folks, it's the Huawei P20 lite, not the pro. I have had the P20 lite for 4 months and am very pleased with it. I have even been using the camera on it (not something I have tended to do with other phones because of poor quality) with good results. It's not up to the P20 pro standards, but most acceptable nevertheless. Great screen display too.

  CecicliaGarcia 08:06 16 Aug 2018

For the three of them,I like Huawei P20 more.

  oftmarshall678 18:09 16 Aug 2018

Either LG or Huawei.

  Maria Kaylene 16:11 18 Aug 2018

I also agree too the majority of the suggestions. Huawei P20 lite has a good specification and features. Browsing the web is cool and I love its' larger screen and better processor.

  EmilyBaker123456 04:41 21 Aug 2018

I prefer Huawei.

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