Phillips bloom lamps and Alexa

  Ex plorer 09:58 01 Jul 2017

Hi on my old bridge the Phillips bloom lamp worked Ok through my iPad.

Now I have the Echo from Amazon I couldn't get the Echo to interact switching the Phillips blooms On Off by voice.

I purchased four smart plugs and all worked well for On Off via voice.

Today I will be updating the bridge to the latest one, question is will I still need the smart plugs or can the new bridge over ride them to switch On Off,

Reason for changing the bridge so I can use the echo for Dimming and Changing colour schemes by voice.

I can't find a direct answer on the net so those that have the know how please advise.

  Ex plorer 20:56 03 Jul 2017

Now I have updated to the latest bridge it gives more controll on devices you still need the smart plugs for your lamps kettle etc. I reduced my wireless from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz as all the smart plugs I searched for were 2.4Ghz. I can't say I've noticed any difference in performance and any apliaces I use hard wired to the modem still get 5Ghz according to my findings on the net.

  Ex plorer 15:13 28 Aug 2017

Hi you won't need smart plugs just un-plug them and re plug the light in the wall socket and it will work by same name through the Philips bridge

Any other smart bulb lamp that you have I have other bulbs that work through the Amazon Alexa app and latest bridge no other smart plugs is needed to connect.

You will however need the app associated with other smart bulbs to get it connected then go to Amazon Alexa app search through devices and it's added to the bridge for your controll. Ordinary standard house bulbs strip lights can be turned on off with the use of Sonoff switch.

Go to your Amazon Alexa app in Devices you will now see two devices named under the same name one of your bulbs one with the smart plug one with the new bridge. You can get rid of the smart plug named devices that have the same name to tidy things up if you prefer to leave it that's ok. Every time you search Devices with a new smart bulb the old names reappear for some reason.

  Ex plorer 15:17 28 Aug 2017

How daft can you get I just answered my own question from a while ago back to sleep or probly wake up. :~)doh

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