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  Andy1991 22:08 23 Dec 2007

I have a tight budget, but I am a student in desperate need of a PDA to my needs.
I have up to about £120, to get one. I need Windows Mobile 2003 or later, and it needs wifi, and preferably with MS Office in it. Any body reccommned a good bye for me, from a good website etc.?!

  MCE2K5 23:32 23 Dec 2007

Just to start you off HEWLETT PACKARD IPAQ RX 1950 click here
No MS Office though.

  laurie53 08:35 24 Dec 2007

Try e-Bay

  Andy1991 15:20 24 Dec 2007

I love that one that he has linked to, its new, and has everything i want. i currently have about £90, and in about a week i can get it, but its currently unavailable from high demand. It also says cannot be delivered or picked up instore. Is this just as its unnavailable and only temporary? i hope so cus then i have no way to get it!?!?! I really like that.

  MCE2K5 17:39 24 Dec 2007

It was available @11:31 Last night.

It could be a Christmas Thing.

  MCE2K5 22:45 24 Dec 2007

Andy found This, click here

Read this, click here, Could be a Bargin.

  Andy1991 19:06 25 Dec 2007

mice link about the Explanation of the refurbashing, has cleared my understanding of it, but minor cosmetic blemishes puts me off. When i get new items, i like the fact they are new, untouched (technically) and perfect. I like ot get new items. Sometimes i will go with refurbished, but since I dont get this kind of money alot, i want its results to be perfect to origonal use.

  Andy1991 19:07 25 Dec 2007

i have completely decided to go with RX1950. nearly got the money, just need a few more pound.

  Taurus 22:17 27 Dec 2007

e-bay has many Palm TX (great!)refurbished handhelds, buy now for less than £100. It has everthing including Office To Go which is MS Office compatible (not 2007 though!)

  Smudge 01:30 28 Dec 2007

I've just got a HP Ipaq 114 which is great. WM 6, WIFI etc. This is a new model and only launched in the UK this month.

It was about £126 direct from HP - there is a voucher code from the net that gives you some money off and free delivery to bring it down to £126.

Plus you get 4 credits for use on the Ipaq software download website.

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