PDA with a 7" screen in car...

  Quickbeam 13:48 14 Jan 2008

Well that's what I'd like, can it be done?

I was looking at Ripspeed 7" DVD monitor in Halfords and wondered, can the screen image from a PDA be input to a remote monitor?

I'm thinking a video out source to the monitor video in. Are there any PDAs on the market that will allow this to be done?

  wiz-king 14:47 14 Jan 2008

I hope you dont intend to have it in view of the driver while the car is moving.

  Quickbeam 16:45 14 Jan 2008

You can already get a Pioneer unit with a 7" SatNav screen as do manufactures with their own units, so it's no different to that.

What I'd like is to have the PDA that I now run with MemoryMap A/Z mapping running over TomTom 6 in Windows Mobile with a bigger screen than my Mio 31/2" screen.

I'm not planning on surfing the net on the move :))

Which comes back to... is there a way to feed the PDA screen onto an auxiliary screen, video out , Bluetooth, I don't know...?

Ideally a Pioneer type unit running Window Mobile would solve the problem out of the box.

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