PC Won't Recognise Phone When I Plug It In

  PhoebeEdwards 16:57 10 May 2017

My motorola G4 Play suddenly won't be recognised by my laptop, it simply charges when i plug in the USB. I cannot find the setting to change it to MTP (in case that's the issue), i have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated my USB ports in the device manager of my laptop, but everytime i plug my phone in i get an error message about the USB device malfunctioning, and to try again.

I used to be able to put photos from my phone onto my computer and now i can't, please help

  PhoebeEdwards 22:31 10 May 2017

I already tried another cable and all three USB ports on my laptop, still nothing

  Ken Thesparky 08:40 11 May 2017

Once the phone is plugged into the usb put your finger on top part of screen and slide down.This should reveal options of what the phone can do when connected ,select transfer photos.

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