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  [DELETED] 12:04 18 Jun 2006

Hi im really into robotics and need a (cheep) pc to program my robot. I have a main family pc but it is used most of the time by my family so i cant get on it to program it. It doesnt need to be a very high spec pc but does anyone know of one goin cheeply. I live up on the wirral. Thanks Chris

  [DELETED] 12:24 18 Jun 2006

Will it only be for programming and have you got a specific budget??

  [DELETED] 12:30 18 Jun 2006

it will probably used for using the internet as well as programing and the bugets around £80 i have a mouse, keyboard and modem though so i dont need these.

  [DELETED] 14:18 19 Jun 2006

Don't know if you'll be able to buy a new computer for £80 so you might be able to get one second hand from eBay. Or you could build your own, I went on ebuyer (click here) and made a rough spec that should suit your needs.

Casecom KL-700ATX Black Midi Tower Case With 350W PSU = £14.99 - QF 90874

PC Chips M848A SKTA motherboard with 1.4ghz CPU and fan = £44.95 - QF 101499

Ebuyer 256MB DDR PC2700 333MHz 184pin = £10.49 - QF 36557

Connect3d ATI Radeon 7000 64MB DDR 4xAGP TV-Out = £16.77 - QF 63684

Seagate ST340015A Barracuda 40GB 5400RPM ATA/100 2MB Cache = £26.77 QF - 48545

LG GCE8527BL 52x32x52x CD-RW Internal IDE (Black) = £13.99 - QF 90459

Mitsumi OEM Black Internal Floppy Drive 1.44mb 3.5 Inch = £3.93 - QF 62047

Total = £131.89

This is a bit over your budget but it will be a brand new machine. Won't include OS, software or monitor but you may already have these anyway. You could still try a second hand one from eBay.

  [DELETED] 16:12 19 Jun 2006

Thank you i think i have found a pc on ebay that will do what i need thank you for your help. Chris

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