PC Games - your favourites

  doctor92 16:21 30 Apr 2006

dont know if this is the right forum for this, but i recently bought my first ever computer game (at age 31), The Godfather, and i thought it was brilliant. What games are you all playing at the moment, and what would you recommend. FEAR, Far Cry, and Half life 2 all seem to get mentions in the magazines, is that because they are good games, or is it just because they test the graphics cards?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:46 30 Apr 2006

Colin McRae Rally 2005 and TOCA Race Driver 3. Don't like war and shooting games, but nothing like hairing down towards Eau Rouge at 220MPH!

  Starfox 16:57 30 Apr 2006

Are good also Halo,Doom3 and Unreal Tornament games are among the *must have's* although I found FEAR boring myself.

  SANTOS7 18:12 30 Apr 2006

MystV end of ages, been playing the Myst series for years, never tire of them, the mysteries and puzzles drive you completely round the twist sometimes, but a good way of loseing half a day....

  hzhzhz 18:57 30 Apr 2006

I love Manhunt.

  keith-236134 19:03 30 Apr 2006

Tomb Raider Legend, great game and Laura Croft looks rather nice as an added bonus.

  richardcockbain 21:48 30 Apr 2006

Have you tried a strategy game like Age of Empires III? These god-like games allow you to control the economy, diplomacy and to battle with. Amazon are presently selling this game for £20 if it interests you.
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At a more violent and personal level, GTA San Andreas is another good one. click here


  mike1967 23:35 30 Apr 2006

Football Manager 2006 one of my favs

Battlefield 2 a fav of my son

  wolfie3000 01:36 01 May 2006


I love this game it is a must have.

Apart from that.


GTA Vice city


Gunz online


Eve online


Did i mention HALO!!!! ;)

  AndySD 07:25 01 May 2006

I am an RPG player and Spellforce 2 just came out so its not hard to guess what I am playing.

  Haol 08:43 01 May 2006

Isn't Spellforce 2 amazing!

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