PC DVD Drive suddenly stopped reading homemade DVDs!

  Cedric Harper 14:03 21 Sep 2011

Most unusual problem. Out of the blue DVD Drive in PC no longer plays or reads home made DVDs (movies mainly). These are movies I’ve burnt using the very same DVD Drive. Checked these DVDs on standalone players and they work fine and vice versa commercial DVDs play fine on the PC.

Haven’t downloaded or run anything unusual in the last 24 hours.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  Cedric Harper 16:11 21 Sep 2011


Other homemade media does work on the PC Drive (which is PBDS +-RW DH 16WIS). The disk in question is a Sony -RW and I created it yesterday!!

How very bizarre?

  Kevscar1 06:41 22 Sep 2011

and there's your answer. Your drive is +RW and will not read -RW

  Cedric Harper 19:25 22 Sep 2011

No the DVD Drive is + and -R/RW compatible as indicated. I thought I'd figured out the answer as the disk in question was scratched so I thought that may have been the reason (i.e PC Drive more fussy than DVD player). However I tried another brand new Sony -RW and it recognised it and allowed me to burn a movie onto it. When I then tried to play that same disk it wouldn't play it!!!

Seems that it reads blank Sony -RW media but does not play them. This makes it frustrating as you can't re-use them even though they are RW!!! (Can't use em in standalone DVD recorder as that doesn't recognise em.

Propose to check with Sony website.

  Kevscar1 04:07 23 Sep 2011

Some drives just will not recognise some brands of DVD. Don't know why but had this myself. Expensive brand did the same as yours but a 50 pack from Woolies worked perfectly.

  Cedric Harper 07:53 23 Sep 2011


How very bizarre. Previousl used Sony +RW and they were fine! Will find another brand.

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