PC Advisor in Digital Format

  kinger 22:10 13 Aug 2006

Does anyone know if PC Advisor is going to be available in digital format via a system like Zinio.com?

Other computer magazines can be downloaded in this way rather than a hard copy version and it's very useful for following links etc. along with the many other features.

  sean-278262 22:26 13 Aug 2006

I wouldnt mind an adobe version being on each months CD. Then I could take it with me on my laptop and read PCA on the Bus train or plane! It isnt that hard to make the mag into a PDF.

  DieSse 22:28 13 Aug 2006

I've asked the subscription depertment before - and not had a reply.

I might indeed subscribe to a download - but the overseas subscription rates are so alarming that I cannot bring myself to do so for mailed copies.

I did subscribe to a US computer magazine via zinio - the idea is excellent - the magazine was not so great unfortunately!

  kinger 22:36 13 Aug 2006

I have just subscribed to two computer magazines via this method and it is amazing.

Read onscreen or print out useful bits, it's up to the reader.

You can leave 'sticky notes' on any articles for later retreival or highlight paragraphs etc..

Searching is instant and you can keep back issues of all the magazines too. This is handy for things like readers letters and help columns.

Zooming in on smaller text is a doddle and flicking back and forth just as easy.

The best bit though is being able to click on the links instead of typing long URL's into your browser only to get an address wrong again.

Articles can also point to other places of interest on the Internet too, again, one click and you're there. Fantastic.

If PC Advisor was available as a digital download I'd subscribe for life.

FE, would you know anything about this?

  Forum Editor 22:56 13 Aug 2006

who would really subscribe to a PDF download version of the magazine?

If we could get around 100,000 takers it might be worth a try.

Email me, and I'll start a list.

  DieSse 23:22 13 Aug 2006

Why go the pdf route when zinio is already up and running, and I suspect more secure than distributing pdfs?

  sean-278262 00:13 14 Aug 2006

DieSse, Im suggesting as part of the monthly publication of the magazine on the cover disk. I myself would not be interested in the Subscription idea as I prefer to read PCA on the Sofa, over breakfast, or when commuting therefore it isnt something I would be interested in but I ususally have my laptop so a PDF version on the cover CD would be great for me. Plus I could have older issues with me as well.

If the online version was cheap enough I would of course consider it but I suspect it will be not much cheaper as it stands so would rather have my hard copy.


  DieSse 00:41 14 Aug 2006

*DieSse, Im suggesting as part of the monthly publication of the magazine on the cover disk.*

I know - but the rest of us were talking about a downloadable version.

  CurlyWhirly 09:04 14 Aug 2006

I prefer the magazine personally still each to his/her own.

  oresome 09:30 14 Aug 2006

I think the challenge with the internet is get people to pay for anything.

  premier man 15:05 14 Aug 2006

I agree with Curly Whirly,I prefer to read mine in the comfort of the armchair as and when

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