Pays as you go ?

  AlexandreDelcourt 10:17 12 Sep 2014


I am French, and I will be studying in the UK this years. So, I would like to take a "Pay as you go" sim card.

But I would like to know if I can choose/buy the "pay as you go" system/card in a store (in a Vodafone or O2 store for example), or does it have to be exclusively ordered on the Internet ?

That would be easier for me if I could choose a "pay as you go" sim card in a store.

Thank you in advance for your answers :)

  AroundAgain 13:02 12 Sep 2014

I'm wondering if you would be able to get a new sim card with a monthly 'roll-on' contract (ie just needing 1 month's notice when you wish to terminate your contract).

You would need to pay by Direct Debit each month and so might need a UK bank account but you would get minutes, texts and Data allowance within the cost of the monthly fee. So, depending on how much you will need to use the mobile - probably quite a lot.

Maybe someone else will be able to give you a better idea.

A PAYG sim is probably cheaper online but the phone shops will sell them too, I would think.

  AlexandreDelcourt 15:36 12 Sep 2014

I don't think I will open a UK bank account, at least not now. That's why I'm very interested in PAYG systems.

Plus, I don't want to have a 12 months contract, as I will come back in France in the beginning of June.

In France, we have contracts without obligations, and they're a lot cheaper than classic 12 months contracts.

The Pay as you go system seems to be a good solution for me.

Could someone confirm if I will be able to purchase that in a store... ?

  tullie 21:23 12 Sep 2014

And i suppose depends whether your phone is tied to a certain supplier?

  AlexandreDelcourt 10:16 13 Sep 2014

My phone isn't tied to any supplier, I bought it separately from the contract.

I'm asking if I can buy a PAYG sim card in a store because, in France, contracts without obligation can exclusively be made on the Internet, not in a store. That's why I'm asking.

Also, what's the best supplier, in your opinion ? I know O2, Vodafone... But I don't know if they're good, and I don't know which supplier proposes the best offers.

  rdave13 13:19 13 Sep 2014

Tesco have in store 'phone shops' at many of their stores. Have a look here , it shows you can buy PAYG sims over the counter. I'm looking at the deal Tesco's offering at the moment. Triple credit on £10 or more if you top up regularly per month.

Tesco offer.

I would certainly check out other stores for comparison though. Good luck.

  rdave13 13:25 13 Sep 2014

That last link I messed up so trying again, Tesco PAYG sim .

  AlexandreDelcourt 15:10 13 Sep 2014

Ok thank you !

I'm gonna look at all that, comparing with other suppliers :)

  Ventad 14:11 14 Sep 2014

I got my Pay-as-you go from Tesco store you do not have to keep it topped up monthly I sometimes go 6-12 months with only £2 left of my £10.

The £10 top up gives you an extra £30 on top and that £30 only lasts a month if you do not use it you loose it but it is only for UK calls not international, they are taken from your £10. I believe that it can be used for data.

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