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  SURVEY 19:54 16 Aug 2010

I am about to buy or go on contract for a smartphone (probably HTC Desire). I do not make many mobile calls or texts. Apart from calls and texts I need the phone for easy access to wifi when away abroad in Europe especially. My present phone gives me internet access but not wifi and I am on PAYG spending about £10 per month. I assume that there is no cost involved with using the phone on wifi? Present Vodafone PAYG setup costs me 50p per day for internet access via 3G. Would I be better off getting my smartphone on PAYG or contract, bearing in mind ther would be a hefty cash outlay for the smartphone? Also does the HTC Desire use a standard size SIM and can I just put my existing SIM into that phone?

  OTT_B 20:49 16 Aug 2010

I just got a Samsung S5620 from Tesco mobile PAYG (£120). It's got wifi and a few other (not so useful!) features. The HTC Desire, to me, is a far better phone, but also a lot more expensive.

It's not too big and the Tesco 'triple your credit' makes it economic for me.

Wifi won't cost you anything on any phone bill, but take care that you can find a free wifi hotspot. There's usually one around, whether it's intentional or not ;)

  SURVEY 12:37 25 Aug 2010

Has anyone a smartphone that they use on PAYG. As I said in my initial thread I pay 50p day for internet access on my ordinary Nokia 6350 (non-smartphone but with internet access). With a new smartphone, I would continue to use limited voice & text plus rather more Internet. I understand there is a limit for internet use but I cannot imagine I would exceed this as I would only be surfing certain web pages and not downloading music/videos etc. This should work out cheaper than the £25/30 per month on contract even allowing for the initial purchase cost. Any views on PAYG as against contract?

  v1asco 07:26 26 Aug 2010

Be very aware of the internet charges abroad. I logged on to check my email for 5 mins and got a £25 bill, suppose it downloaded all the updates as well.

  v1asco 07:38 26 Aug 2010

Be very aware of the internet charges abroad. I logged on to check my email for 5 mins and got a £25 bill, suppose it downloaded all the updates as well.
If you are keeping your costs low, payg seeems good, especially if you can find free wi-fi,usually around coffee shops and the like. try here click here .

I have a sony-ericsonn Satio, which got bad press when it came out but has been good for me. The built in GPS gives me a tom-Tom I can use with google or the bundled free orange mapping. I also get 500mb free with the phone, which seems pretty standard with a lot of deals now.
Three have this deal click here which is £20 pm for a hero, 500mb and 300 mins/text.
Let us know what you decide please.

  SURVEY 15:17 26 Aug 2010

Just had an email from HTC informing me that the Desire may not sync with my Outlook 2000 (only 2003 and above) and also that the mobile signal strength may be less tahn my present Nokia 6350 'as it has a lot more on its plate with GPS, Wifi, etc. Your old Nokia really only had to worry about being a phone, but the Desire has all these other facilities.'

I wuold have thought that the primary purpose of a smartphone ought to still be making and receiving calls and texts and indeed with better technology actually improving the aerial signal strength. I am now beginning to wonder about the whole business of changing!

  SURVEY 08:53 03 Oct 2010

giffgaff - unfortunately O2 is not very good where I live.

  HXP 19:16 03 Nov 2010

£15 sim only 400 mins unlimited texts unlimited MBB got it on my HTC Desire - if Virgin network ( T-mobile ) good in your area then it seems a good deal to me. If uou have a virgin ladlinr then free calls to virgin mobiles.

ps No I do not work for Virgin or any of its affiliates sub contractors marketing companies etc etc

  SURVEY 20:18 03 Nov 2010

In the end, went for a contract with Orange as they share TMobile and Tmobile has a better signal in my area than Vodafone, my present provider. Paid £100+ for the phone and £20/month for 24 months.

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